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From: Mike
Date: 1/13/2002
Anyone know of a motobecane dealer in the Pacific NW?
From: Vanessa
Date: 10/24/2015 8:02:57 PM
it amazes me how ppeole still say bey faked her pregnancy when she has bare pics
of her belly in a bathing suit. i wont say you're a hater, i will just say that
alot of ppeole will believe anything the media portrays to them without trying to
seek facts of their own. they get paid for stories, (fyi). i could understand if jay
and bey werent notoriously known for being private about their personal lives but
these ppeole have always been this way. on top of that, they have so much money that
they dont need to sell their baby's pictures to the highest bidder like everyone
else; which is why they released the pictures of their child to the public on their
own terms and without money as a motivator to do so. anyhow, i think ms. amber looks
wonderful and good luck to her and wiz. hope they deliver a happy and healthy baby.
From: Puro
Date: 11/25/2015 3:21:35 AM
Terratorial canillg, young canillg a parent, mating call. Pick one. The Fisher
is mostly a nocturnal( active at nighttime) hunter. Remember you invaded their
homeland. If it really is a life threatening issue; call your local Wildlife, Fish and
Game office or Animal Control to capture and relocate the Fisher.

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