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From: Elian
Date: 5/3/2012 1:43:57 PM
I`m so grateful that you enneehtilgd me and the most important thing that it
happened in time. Just think, I have been using the internet for six years already but
it`s the first time I`ve ever heard about it! .
From: May
Date: 12/29/2015 7:11:08 PM
As much as I want to congratulate Amber and Whiz I can only wnedor how loyal is
Amber really being. To me it appears that she is merely trying to maintain this high
lifestyle without Kanye because she refuses to go back on the pole.  I mean  when you know
better you are expected to do better which.  Personally, Whiz is a solid foundation and
safety net for her she appears to be an opportunist.  Pussy is her power and she will
use to get and maintain what she needs to survive.  Whiz is young, dumb and always
high smh.  Its unfortunate that she chose to settle for him but considering where she
came from he gets a pass. Anywho time will tell she's  a fraud.

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