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From: david
Terrific review. I've purchase as well an Hyosung 50 cc done 3000 Km. The
only problem with the Hyosung it become power less up hill. This was not the case
before 3000 km. Last week I left the Hyosung to the dealer asking them to find out way.
So far they have come up with zip. Anyone experience the same thing ?
From: David
Date: 2/20/2009 4:00:00 AM
Have bad news. Now my Hyosung have broken down after 3400 Km-Engine problems
From: Steven
Date: 3/20/2008 3:18:45 PM
Just bought a Hyosung Sense 50cc and the first big time problem you'll
notice is is low max speed of 32 mph!  I'm in the process of derestricting it as
almost all scooters can be.  Unfortunately most other scooters have a top speed of
around 40mph before derestricting so I'm keeping my expectations low.  Don't
buy a hyosung if you want to go fast.  If anyone knows any tips on derestricting
please let me know.
From: Brandon Masten
Date: 6/9/2008 8:35:14 PM
the governor is on the right side its a light blue wire mine goes like 42-45
haha im smart
From: Don
Date: 9/25/2013 10:04:23 AM
Am having problems with a contious gas flow to carb,any idea what the problem
would be??
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