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From: Ahmad
Date: 10/2/2012 9:56:29 PM
I have downloaded spmaeridn & the marvel knights & b*** brigade for ff1 but
cannot seem to make them work, please help, the problem that I have is that on on the
first missions, there is no cutscene, no objectives, & nothing happens when I defeat
all the enemies on the first level. I have looked at the python scripting for both
games & from what I can see everything is there & there dialog present I have compared
it to other mods that I have played & completed but so far cannot tell where the
breakdown is.
From: Jhon
Date: 11/25/2015 4:43:29 AM
did anyone see the bozrne devil at the end of the last show.  It was when the
boys were selling stuff.  it was picked for 500 and sold to a lady for 700.  I have
that exact devil and would like to find out a bit about it  mags

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