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From: Mike Turner
Date: 2/3/2010 4:23:36 PM
Your Carb. is probably not set right and check your spark plug gap. My TFR
starts better after I adjusted the carb.
From: Muhulica
Date: 3/29/2013 9:42:56 PM
How long have you lived here?   Amateur my ass!  Total bullshit.  Why not just
call a pro a pro?  I'm sure evyoerne's got a pro camera package like that one
to shoot their gf's tits with!  LOL!  Love her puffy nipples tho.
From: Pearse
Date: 10/24/2015 6:55:02 PM
Awesome tips. Positive energy is cgotaiouns and Gloria's story should be an
inspiration to Real Estate pros who don't believe that social media marketing is worth
their and effort.I guess Realtors need to set themselves free for the short-term
transaction mentality and understand that social media works slowly but surely.On social
media, a home buyer maybe asking a question today but he would be interested in hiring
a Realtor 6 months later. The socially active Realtor (as in Gloria's case),
who is readily available answer the prospect's question thoroughly and promptly,
will instantly gain prospects trust. The key here is to understand that people are 
screening  agents online and comparing between them. So the smart thing to do is to offer
genuine help to prospects, WITHOUT expecting overnight sales. That's it.Great
interview. I will share it for sure. Thank you for this healthy does of inspiration
From: Vicky
Date: 12/29/2015 4:15:50 PM
You could be wildly off the true avarege and still track relative review times
as long as you had some reason to think that the bias of the sample in question
would have the reports be wildly off in the same direction.You are right that
successful submissions are reported more than unsuccessful submissions   we have already
been comparing the data here to the data from other journals (per your
suggestion).Another thing I've been looking at by comparing some of the data to other journals
are the relative review times. Relative review times in the cases I have looked at
so far do seem to track relative review times from actual journal reports.

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