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From: maddog2020
Date: 6/18/2011 11:24:40 PM
You did'nt say which motor youhave?5051d?
From: Grace
Date: 5/3/2012 7:50:41 AM
Is anybody stonrg in radio here? We need a colleague who would tell us briefly
about the transistor T2. I hope there are radio amateurs here. If it`s not on the
subject at all, then I`m sorry. I have to write  because I have no choice. PS: if the
spelling is not right then also I'm sorry, I'm just 13 years old!
From: Matee
Date: 7/18/2016 10:11:39 PM
These esoteric discussions are great, but they assume that aggregate consumption
can continue infinitely.  Yet the world is finite.  Every gallon of gas burned in a
Chinese consumer’s car is one that will never go into an American SUV.  There are
more than 3 times as many potential Chinese consumers, and car ownership is
skyrocketing.We are approaching the zero sum game just as climate change and peak oil begin to
show tangible effects.  Few outcomes seem likely other than massive
denu-distrialization or population reduction.  How we get there is a fertile subject for

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