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Puch moped will not start

Forum:  James - James` Moped Forum
Author:  Alex
Date:  8/11/2004 2:40:14 PM
Subject:  Puch moped will not start

i need help. i purchase 1974 puch maxi few month ago. it was running fine until i decided to clean the engine. so i took the engine a part, cleaned cylinder and piston, changes spark plug. however when i put everything back it will not start. i can hear that it is just about to start, but it won’t. please let me know what might be the problem. also, i have left out the ~5 inches clear tube, and i do not have any idea where it should go (it is not the one that goes from fuel valve to carburetor). please advice me on wher it shoul be placed.

thank you n advance.

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 Puch moped will not start Alex 
8/11/2004 2:40:14 PM
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