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ET4 125 Ignition Problem

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Author:  Vengaboy
Date:  3/26/2006 11:27:11 AM
Subject:  ET4 125 Ignition Problem
I had a problem yesterday in the fact that i could not turn off my et4 125cc vespa with the key.
it started alright in the morning and also in the afternoon, but when i got home there was no way of turning it off.
i have also located a problem which might be connected with this problem, but the lights were flickering and there was a loud buzzing sound coming from a small black box, inside the front panel of the scooter.
the black part which i have no idea what it is called has 5 metal pin underneath it, which plug into a white part underneath the panel.
the switch? has some numbers on it:
trw sipea / 2855 12v/30a
can anyone tell me what this part is called and what it does, and how much it should cost roughly £
anyone know where you can get 1 from? uk
thanks for any help you can offer on that.
incidentally the bike will not start now either, and is completely dead. the part just seemed to die.

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