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Author:  umberto
Date:  6/17/2009 5:54:52 PM
Subject:  hi
Hi i think ur talking about the cdi this is what make your bike run,pretty much. they do cost alot, but im not sure that is wat your after, it could aloso be the fuses, is the black box sealed in silicon totally water proof or can you dismauntal it? if its sealed then its the cdi if not then its the fuse box their cheap, also u said its underneath the panel r u talking about the front panel or the little panel under the seat, is there a big thick wire coming off it and it goes to the engine? if thats the case thats the your ignition coil buggerd that explains the engine not stopping. if its at the front when you open the panel then its most likely to be the cdi. thanks hope to hear from you. p.s how did you stop the engine if you couldnt stop it the keys.

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