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Re: Puch maxi

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Author:  Zippy
Date:  10/21/2001 1:28:17 AM
Subject:  Re: Puch maxi
Hello jamie

the most popular puch styles were the maxi and the magnum. there was also a series "b" and a model n hard tail. the maxi and magnum had several models in these two basic styles and came in 1 or 2 speed.

the maxi was the step through model and the magnum was a "top tank" or motorcycle style.

the maxi's came in the following models and 1980 prices
basic maxi - $635
1, 1.5, or 2 hp, 1 speed

maxi-luxe - $675
had a hi-torque engine that provided more power and better gas mileage. 1 or 2 speed $675

maxi newport ii - $769
hi-torque engine, 1 or 2 speed special hand pin striping, some had tan colored seat and reflective white wall tires.

maxi sport mkii $839
long seat and mag wheels, chrome front fender 2 speed tranny

magnum ii $925
hi torque engine 2 speed tranny

magnum xk
hi torque 1 speed tranny

magnum mk ii $1099
hi torque - oil injected, 2 speed

magnum mk ii limited $1250
only 1000 of these were made. special paint job, turn signals, ignition key, console with speedo and space for tach. each one was numbered.

puch/kromag made the free spirit for sears and the pinto for jc penneys. puch also made earlier models (1950s and 1960s) for the sears allstate line.

i would recommend a non-oil injected magnum if you want to upgrade to a performance kit. performance kits come in two flavors 60 cc and 70 cc. i would recommend the 60 cc kit, manfacturing qualty issues with the 70 cc. don't forget to upgrade your tires and tubes if you upgrade the engine.

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