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What is Bike Machine?

This page is dedicated to Bike Machine - a little motor that I bought from my co-workers dad. They said, it laid in the garage for almost 10 years. Once installed on my bicycle, it changed my life forever.

I ride around on something that looks remarkably like a bicycle, but makes noise and speeds up to 25 mph. Turned out, it feels faster than going 65 mph in a car. Wind blows in my face and I can't help but feel like a kid who just got a best toy there is.

People ask me where I bought it and I can't help them much - I don't even know if the company K&S Industries, the one that made Bike Machine, still exists. So, I began to collect info on other motorized bicycles and motor kits. You are looking at the result of my research (done mostly on WWW).

If you are aware of motorized bicycles not listed here please drop me a note. Also, I'll be glad to hear you comments and suggestions. If you have tried any of bikes/motors in this list, I'd be interested to hear your opinion of them. You can submit your opinion in the Review section.

Finally, I'd love to hear your story - how did you enter the world of mopeds/motorized bicycles ?

Comparing Bike Machine to other modes of transportation.
  Bike Machine advantages Bike Machine disadvantages
Car More fun riding, can see more on the way Less storage space
Moped Lighter, better peddling Less miles per tank
Scooter Has pedals, looks better No fuel mixing
Bicycle Can ride both motorized and manually Heavier