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Small motorcyles and mopeds Jawa (<50 ccm) were designed and
manufactured in Povazske strojarne (nowadays Slovak republic). The use
of Jawa brand name has been forced by decision of former communist
government. In 1982 communist govt.also made decision to transfer the
whole Babeta production into under-industrialized area with aim to boost
industry there ... as the development team was lef at Povazske
strojarne, Babeta has been left at the same technical and design level.

In 1992 Povazske strojarne made decision to comeback to the motorcycle
market. After licensing Puch engine from Piaggio, a newly designed moped
Korado went into the production.

Should you like to get more info on current moped line branded in U.S.
as Puch Corado, please, drop me a note just to remind my P.R. - our
company recently became a majority stock owner in Povazske strojarne -
the producer of current Korado line and former Jawa 50 lines (models
Pionier, Mustang, Babeta ...).

Should you like to quote me at your Web pages, please, contact me, I'd
give you more formal answer to the topics related.


Peter Mravcak

> Questions:
> 1) Are Jawa mopeds no longer made ?

Yes, but not under Jawa brand name.

As I mentioned before, during 1982-84 the whole production of mopeds
Babeta was transferred out of Povazske strojarne (based in Povazska
Bystrica) to their (at that time) divison in Kolarovo. Kolarovo later
became an independent company and is still producing moped Jawa 50/220
Babeta. Currently the company has big troubles to survive - as the
development was omited for the long time their mopeds lost technical and
design competitivness.

Jawa is in even worse troubles that Babeta - it still (??) produces 125,
250 ccm motor-bikes.... I have to check actual status...

> 2) How many mopeds are in Puch/Korado line ?
> American Jawa site lists only 2, but I saw another one at the dealer - it
> had thicker step-thru frame, was also called Puch and the writing said that
> it came from Povazske strojarne.

... complete info will be sent soon

> 3) Is there a list of Puch distributors in the USA ?

... at time being the only, but not exclusive importer, for USA is
American Jawa. To get the list, please, contact them.

Raymond Campanile - national sales mngr.
American Jawa, Ltd.
tel: (516) 938-3210

> 4) More info on the history of Jawa/Korado would be appreciated.

... coming soon

> 5) Has Korado made an attempt to enter canadian market ?

... personaly, I don't think so. I'd appreciate receiving contact for a
potential importer of distributors.

> 6) Do you have some brochures you could send me ?

If I will manage to find a bit of free time, I'll send you directly HTML
pages with pixs.

> 7) Speaking of Piaggio, how exactly does that work - does Piaggio supply
> you with engines, or does Povazske strojarne
> build them now ?

... Povazske strojarne imports some parts of the engine (the most is
produced localy), but PS is producer of Puch motors (also for Piaggio).
After transferring a few outstanding technologies, since Q2 PS should
became totally independent from Piaggio.

> 8) How does Korado compare to classic Puch bikes, like Puch Maxi ?
> 9) What other countries Korado is sold in ?
Slovak republic, Czech republic, The Netherlands, Belgium, France,
Poland, Hungary, Brasilia, U.K., USA, ...

> 10) Many shops that carry mopeds sell exclusively Tomos. Do you have plans
> to change that ?

We'd like to ... but we are majority stock owner only a couple of months


Peter M.

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