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The 20 inch BMX bicycle has always been a favorite because of its light weight, predictable handling, and easily maneuverable geometry. Freestyling, bunnyhopping, and sidewalk cruising can be a lot of fun. What if you could do anything that you can do on a BMX bike and not have to pedal? Serviceable at any bicycle or small engine shop, the buzz saw bike will do all of the above with the help of an ultralight, high strung two cycle engine. The bike is not stree t legal, however take it to the trails or the track and you have a BMX dirtbike on your hands. Unhindered by rub wheel drive devices or lack of ground clearance the Buzzsaw Bike can get a bit too extreme for inexperienced youngsters.

Have fun if you can handle it!


Engine: Two cycle engine mounted to
6063 Aluminum TIG welded vibration

Frame: Dyno chrome frame and
Dyno components including front and
rear brakes.

Throttle Control: Right hand thumb
(ATC style).

Clutch: Automatic

Speed: 25 to 40 M. P. H, (40 to 64
K.P.H.) depending on sprocket ratio.

Weight: 30lbs


Cord Start - $650-

Recoil Start - $700-

Not recommended for children under
12. Always wear helmet and proper
safety gear. Thirty M.P. H. is very fast
for a cycle that only weighs 30
pounds. Use common sense.


1143 S.W. 1st Way
Deerfield Beach, FL, 3441-6640
(954) 360-0706



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