I have a couple questions for you, I hope you don't mind. You see I an
something of a moped fancier myself. An opportunity just presented itself to
me. I am in France and just had a meeting with a fellow who has the rights
to build VeloSolexs.
From what I understand, after VeloSolex stopped production in France,
they were built in Hungary. The Hungarian model was called the S-3800 and
wasn't as high quality as the older French ones. Production of the Hungarian
ones have stopped though.
A French associate wants to go into production and asked me if there is a
market in North America. I have been out of the states for a couple years
now and don't know the regulatory climate. I believe there is a limited
market for collectors. This would be a high quality version of the VeloSolex
with a couple modifications like electronic ignition and reflectors and such.
The appearance would be the same, we could maybe come out with colors.
I am thinking of bringing some of the prototypes back to the states with
me if there is anyone who would be interested. Do you know of anyone that
might have an interest. These first ones would comply with European
regulations. I really do not know what the US regulations are. If I can
find out what these regulations might be, I can see if we can incorporate
them into these prototypes.
I am quite excited about this. I have always thought that the VeloSolex
to be an environmentally frendly, economical,durable and fun way to get
around. I do not know if the current political climate has changed. When I
left, mopeds weren't popular because of many reasons mainly cheap gas and big
cars. I believe bicycling has become more popular. If this is so, this new
VeloSolex could tag along and bring bicycling to a greater audience.
I would appreciate your views as I understand you are something of a
moped activist and would like to see them come back. I think this may be a
way to start.
Best regards,
Richard Haslacher

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