Running Away from the Policeman I
Running Away From the Policeman

I was one of those kids in high school who you saw riding around on a moped. Of course, we were all determined to get as much speed out of them as we could; several of us had speed kits, others bought Octane 108. My problem, in addition to weighing nearly 200 pounds, was that I had the station wagon of mopeds. It was a big luxury liner Sebring '88. But I still managed to get her up to 35, the pride of my fifteen year old workmanship.
Cops didn't like us too much; let's face it, an obnoxious freshman with speedy wheels isn't exactly a wonderful sight. So they cops would follow us around and might even pull us over to scare us-but usually it wasn't a problem.
One day I was out riding, testing some new thing to make it a little faster. I noticed a train of cars behind me, at the forefront was a genuine P-I-G. I noticed the cop refused to pass me, so I made a left turn into my elementary school. He followed. I headed up throuh the parking lot, towards a path I knew, following a well-traveled shortcut. The police cruiser was not nimble enough to make it through. He put his lights on though and backed out at high speed. Apparently he wans't too enthralled with my evasive maneuver.
I headed back towards home, taking a series of backroads and a mountain path until I stumbled upon my backyard. I raced the moped into the garage, shut the door, just in time to see the cop flying by. I'm not sure what the point was, but picture this whole story in a movie. I think it would be rather amusing to see a moped trying to hobble away from a high-speed patrol cruiser. And then actually making it. Sorry this story didn't turn out as well as the last one.

-Matthew Galusha

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