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This info is from the motorcycle Product News, June 97
(you can call them at (608)249-0186 and order this back issue -
it contains plenty of info about mopeds and scooters in USA.
It will cost you $7.50, shipping included)

"Marbel Associates recently introduced the Terratran motorized bicycle.
Equipped with a 35cc, two-stroke industrial engine, the vehicle hits 30mph.
For engine starting and normal bicycling, the motor can be lifted off the
front tire by a lever located just below the motor on the right side of the
bike. When the motor is running, a centrifugal clutch allows smooth
starting and stopping without disengaging the motor from the wheel. Both
bike and motor are available separately.

For more info: Terratran, Marble Associates, Dept. MPN, 1819 Timberlake
Drive, Delaware, OH 43015; phone 614/548-5561."

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