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February 20,1997
Yamaha scooter "Vino"
Combining retro style and outstanding utility

February 20, 1997

On March 8, 1997, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. releases on the Japanese market the new model Yamaha scooter "Vino," a bike that integrates 1960s antique styling sense with a high level of functional utility, economy and riding performance.
The release of this new model will be accompanied by TV and print ad campaigns featuring the popular Japanese female singing duo "Puffy."

*Yamaha scooter "Vino"

This scooter will be marketed only in Japan and no exports are planned at present.

Product Summary
A casual "retro fashion" look has become popular today among young people in their teens and twenties, and in recent years this trend has become increasingly evident in the motorcycle and scooter market as well. The retro trend can be seen in things like monotone riding fashion and the recent popularity of "half" helmets and goggles.
The new "Vino" has been developed around a concept of combining a cute, attractive "retro" look with solid basic utility and performance to answer the needs of the young retro trend. In addition to its excellent basic performance as a scooter, this model is characterized by a look of full-bodied volume in the chassis design, an attractive roundness to individual parts and a sense of material quality in things like chrome accents.
The name "Vino" means wine in Italian and has been chosen to express a
sense of bright Latin character, beauty and class.

Main Features

Appealing "retro" style body
This model adopts a round-shaped headlight, a deep front fender and saddle-type seat. Other parts have also been given smooth, rounded lines that combine with the overall full-bodied lines of the chassis to give it an expression of cute, nostalgic attractiveness.

Outstanding functional utility
Features like an under-seat storage compartment large enough for an extra-large size helmet, a bright 35/36.5 W headlight, a 6-liter fuel tank and 1.3-liter oil tank make the Vino an extremely utilitarian and convenient vehicle to own and ride.

6.3 horsepower engine
This model adopts the same proven 6.3 horsepower engine that has won such a high reputation on the Yamaha Jog Aprio.

Other quality features
For added utility, performance and convenience, the Vino also features
(1) a bottom-link front suspension for an extra comfortable ride, (2) an easy to fill oil tank mouth, (3) a chrome-plated rear-view mirror, (4) chrome handlebars, (5) a quality-finish leg shield, (6) separate-unit flashers and (7) independent speedometer and fuel gauge.

Technical Specifications

Type / engine type A-5AU/3KJ
Overall length x width x height
Seat height
Minimum ground clearance
Dry weight / Wet weight
1,620 x 630 x 1,005 mm
715 mm
1,150 mm
80 mm
65 / 70 kg
Fuel consumption (standard, flat road) 47 km/liter (30 km/h)
Engine type
Cylinder arrangement
Bore x stroke
Compression ratio
Maximum power (ISO)
Maximum torque
Starting system Electric
Engine oil capacity
Fuel tank capacity
Ignition system
Air-cooled 2-stroke, crankcase reed valve
49 cc
40.0 x 39.2 mm
6.3 PS / 7000 rpm
0.67 kgf-m / 6.500 rpm
Lubrication Autolube
1.3 liter
6.0 liter
GT4B-5 (MF)
Primary / Secondary reduction ratios
Clutch type
Transmission type
Gear ratios
Frame type
Caster / Trail
Front / Rear tire size
Front / Rear brakes
Front / Rear suspension
3.692 / 3.230
Dry, centrifugal automatic
Single-speed automatic (V-belt type)
2.183 ~ 0.896
Backbone (pipe)
25(/69 mm
80/90 - 10 34J / 80/90 - 10 34J
Drum / Drum
Bottom link / Unit swing
Halogen bulb 12V, 35W / 36.5W

*Coloring: Salt Lake Silver, Cosmic Blue, Dark purplish red cocktail (red)


Copyright(C) 1996,1997 YAMAHA MOTOR CO.,LTD. All rights reserved.

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