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Why ride a moped?

(Posting in Moped Mailing List)
From: "Walter Miraglia"

A friend of mine was talking to her girlfriend with a convertable.
Describing what it's like driving with the top down in the sun, even on the
streets of Toronto, she said driving the convertable was like being on a
mini holiday! Top down, wind in your hair music playing. An excellant way to
start the day...

I thought to myself, this is what I experience when I hop on my moped every
morning to go to work, I love it it's fun, and it reminds me of when I was
on Holidays on a Carabean Island driving around the island on a moped. I
could never put it into words until she reminded me of what it was that I
was feeling, It's like I'm on a mini holiday when I ride it into work.

so the original remark was why drive a moped when you are old enough to
drive a car....

well you can't park a car on the sidewalk, if you work downtown a moped is
great for free parking.

Traffic jams don't really affect you.

It's fun!!