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Gas Bike

Gas Bike

Name Speed (mph) Miles per tank Price Availability Notes
Whizzer Motor Bike 25 ? Price varies per dealer Dealer Locator

Original Announcement of New Whizzer

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Island Hopper 30 140 $525-$599 Island Hopper Bicycle Motors Folding motorized bicycle

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American Chain Drive $650 25-30   American Chain Drive site Complete bikes and gas/electric motor kits.
TerraTran 30 ~20 $370 5 Flags Motor Bikes Only sold as a separate kit now, fits over front or rear wheel.

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35cc engine. Default tank is just one pint - however you can carry an auxiliary tank ($20 - quart, $25 - 2 half gallon). Optional silencer - $50.

ZipCycle 22 40 $799-$1049 ZipCycle dealers Question

Looks a bit like Whizzer - perhaps because cruiser bicycle is used.
Motor is by chainsaw manufacturer HomeLight - this may mean easier parts availability and fixing.

Zipcycle picture gallery

Cyclone Cruiser (formerly Cruzzer) Was also known as Wizard Motor Driven Cycle for a while. The site appears to be defunct, here is how it used to look like back in 2002.

Was a Whizzer look-alike.
SpydyrByke 25 50 $950 Site defunct since 2000, here's the archived version 4-stroke engine, belt drive
Sprint Pedal Assist 30+ ? $850 Site defunct since 2002, here is archived version
Zodiac 18 ~40 $895 No longer sold by 5 Flag Motor Bikes but they have several other motorized bicycle models. Uses 2-stroke hub motor
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Moto-BMX motorized cycle 30 ~30 $650 Discontinued
20" BMX frame, 32cc motor, chain drive