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I have to admit - I am having hard time keeping up with the emails I receive from Moped2.org readers. In fact, my backlog is several months now.

I was thinking of a way to remedy this and here's what I came up with: if some you would be willing to dedicate your time and experience, we could make this work.

Basically, if you could email me your name and what kinds of questions you would be willing to answer ("moped parts", "moped laws", "technical", etc), I would list your address in the Contact page and readers would be able to send you questions. Also, tell me whether you prefer to receive questions by email or via a web-based forum (I can create one for each of you).

Hopefully, I can get enough volunteers, so we'll have all the questions answered soon after they are asked.

Thank you!

Moped2.org webmaster

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