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Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 01:06:51 EST
From: Roadapl@aol.com
To: mlist@moped2.org
Subject: Re: Bicycle engines

Reagrding bicycle engines, I have a Mongoose scooter that was sold originally
as a human-powered unit (you know, one of those little scooters for kids to
kick and go) and was later retrofitted (somewhat badly) with a unit called
"The Bike Machine" by a company called K&S.  I have no idea as to the location
of the company or any information on the engine itself, but it runs strongly
and propells the scooter to a good 20-25mph (I paced my brother in my truck
behind him yesterday while he was riding the scooter), which is better than
one of those Go-Peds.

It was originally designed as a retrofit kit for a bicycle, but as the
previous post stated, it wears down the tire like crazy, and water/offroad
conditions are a definite no-no.  But it runs great, except for a small gas
tank leak which is a pain.


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