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RE: ??  Cordaro, James A
 Apr 03, 2001 11:05 PDT 
Please do not send me any offers to this email address. I have a new email
Can you reply to this at my new email addresses listed below:
jac185-@yahoo.com <mailto:jac185-@yahoo.com> (not sure) if it
doesn't work try JAC185-@YAHOO.COM <mailto:JAC185-@YAHOO.COM> ,
Another address is Cordar-@aol.com <mailto:Cordar-@aol.com> (if
this doesn't work try) CORDAR-@AOL.COM <mailto:CORDAR-@AOL.COM> .
The reasons for this request is that I got a home computer on Saturday 31
March 2001, and would like all my email sent there because it's hard for me
to respond at this jcor-@tobyhanna.army.mil
<mailto:jcor-@tobyhanna.army.mil> address because it interfers with my
work. Please let me know how you made out. I will check my mail at home each
night to see if you responded. Thanks
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From: Ken & Margaret [mailto:keng-@best.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 23.21
Subject: Re: ??
I've got a 1977 Vespa (Piaggio) Ciao here in San Jose, CA.
when i got
my Honda Elite 80, i got my M1 and haven't ridden the ciao
how much am i offered?
>sorry man, cant help ya.
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>From: "Cordaro, James A" <James.C-@tobyhanna.army.mil>
>Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 4:32 AM
>Subject: RE: ??
>> Hi, I can't answer your question, but I have one myself!
Can you tell me
>> where I can find a Piaggio Moped (new or used).
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>> From: t1mzzz 00 [mailto:t1mz-@hotmail.com]
>> Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 19.14
>> Subject: ??
>> hi
>> can any one refer me to a site or give me some info on a
honda elite
>> transmission and how it works, and what type (gear,
pulley) Any alos how
>> much they cost. Also does any one have any used ones
for sale or know of
>> any other scooters that cost less, or are kool. Also
please i will trade
>> for something if you want to sell a scooter or moped.
Ken Engdahl and Margaret Godley Engdahl
San Jose, CA. USA.
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