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Re: Tomos problem  Hans
 Apr 05, 2001 03:52 PDT 
At 05:26 5-4-01 +0200, you wrote:
 Hi!Get a voltmeter and check the voltage while it's
revved up with headlight on and without headlight
on.If it's reading 15 or 16 volts it may be some type
of voltage regulator problem or the wrong bulbs or
cheap bulbs.Anyway,the voltmeter will tell you what's
getting to the bulb and if there are any spikes in
voltage.I'm just generalizing here and I know there's
some TOMOS experts out there that might know what your
problem is if they'll just answer you. BYE!
--- Pshycho Nitro <gbon-@hotmail.com> wrote:
 Hey everyone. Wondering why my 96 Tomos Sprint
seems to constantly blow the
tail light out. At first the rear light (complete
casing) seemed too loose.
   Tightened it to the rear tire guard and the
problem persists. Just blew
out in less than an hour and I hit no major bumps or
Any suggestions?
Also, how old (or how many miles) should one replace
the chain. I've got a
70 kit on there now so ....
There's the answer to your problem.
The 70cc kit should be used together with a another gear ratio.
Your Tomos is doing a lot more rev's now, and so your alternator could
produce as much as 20 Volts.
Keep your chain nice and greasy, it 'll last just as long as with a 50cc.
Problem of changing gear ratio is that there aren't that many different
sizes sprockets, what's the size on your rear wheel?
Hans Hartman
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