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Re: motobecane help  Steves-@aol.com
 Apr 15, 2001 06:35 PDT 
The Mixture for you 1977 Motobecane 50v in the owners manual and on a chrome
sticker just below your gas tank cap will state 4 ounces of two cycle oil to
be mixed to gallon of gas. The decal below the gas cap usually gets worn out
from gas being spilled on it. Motobecane initially back in the 1970's had a
mixture of 2.6 ounces of two cycle oil per gallon but were experiencing too
many top end engine problems. They have since recommended 4 ounces per
gallon. This mixture is a little on the rich side. You can go with 3.2 ounces
per gallon if you are experiencing excessive fowling / carbonization of the
spark plug. In hot weather if you feel your moped seems to run hotter and
slow down you may want to go back to the 4 ounces per gallon. We run
everything in our shop and have thousands of our customers mopeds, gopeds,
scooters, weedwackers, chainsaws and all 2 cycle engines running AMS-oil
100:1 synthetic 2 cycle oil. This oil is used by many of the top racers, is
almost smokeless and the engines stay clean. We have had tremendous results
with it for over 20 years. Just 8 ounces of AMS oil 100:1 makes 6 gallons of
gas for less than 4 dollars. We have this oil in both manual mix and injector
formulas for any 2 cycle application. We also have all Motobecane parts in
stock. If further information is needed contact;
The Parts and Service Department
Steve's Moped & Bicycle World Inc.
40 Park Avenue Dumont NJ 07628
Main Mega Store:               ph(201)384-7777 fAX(201)384-7831
Dumont Store Hours: Mon. and Fri. 10:30am-7pm     Tues. & Thurs. Till 8pm
Wed. till 5pm          Sat. 9:30 to 5pm E-MAIL    MOPED-@AOL.COM
Smaller Satalite Store:
Also Steve's Moped World 2427 Bridge Ave. Point Plesant NJ 08742 (732)295-4200
Call Ponint Pleasant for hours. (closed mondays and open sundays)
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