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Re: motobecane help  Donald Ruggles
 Apr 19, 2001 18:35 PDT 
Hi! Listen!Check your points and plug gap(this affects
timing) and see if you need to decarbonize your
exhaust port or muffler.Also ,make sure you are
getting enough air and gas to and thru the
carburetor.I've not heard of one of these going 40
m.p.h.,but I don't doubt your word.BYE!
--- KgoTh-@aol.com wrote:
 I have a 77 50v motobecane. When i restored it last
year it ran good(it got
up to 40) but now i barley make 30. can someone help
me out? Oh and it drips
oil from the muffler only when its running and also
dies when i make a
complete stop and try to go. can someone give me
some ideas?
DONALD H. RUGGLES                                           205 N. HIGH St.                                             JACKSON,OH 45640
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