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Re: Synthetic Oils  Steves-@aol.com
 Apr 21, 2001 09:09 PDT 
Years ago synthetic formulas were still being tested and perfected. Now
synthetics are the way to go provided they are not too expensive. What we
were looking to do was to cut down on the smoke on our mopeds. The average
person that looks to buy a used moped and sees a lot of smoke thinks that
there is an engine problem. When using the AMS-Oil synthetic the smoke is cut
in half.
The AMS-Oil 100:1 synthetic 2 cycle oil provides superior lubrication. We use
it in every new and used unit that we have sold for over a decade. When we
take a moped at 5,000 + miles and perform decarbonization and new piston ring
job it's amazing how little wear and carbon there is. We also find this true
in Go-peds, chain saws, weedwackers. We stock all of the AMS-Oil 2 cycle
products and also use the motor oil in all of our cars and trucks. One of our
Ford vans is 18 years old and still in great shape.
This is directly from Ams-Oil Corporation:    see WWW.AMSOIL.COM
Reduce friction and wear, improve throttle response and deliver maximum
power. Clean-burning ashless formulations prevent plug fouling and carbon
deposits. Deliver quick, dependable starts. Reduce smoke and emissions and
won't "load up" during prolonged idling. Provide outstanding cold temperature
flow. Contain special anti-rust agents for off-season storage.
                       Best Regards:
The Parts Department
Steve's Moped & Bicycle World Inc.
40 Park Avenue Dumont NJ 07628
Main Mega Store:               ph(201)384-7777 fAX(201)384-7831
Dumont Store Hours: Mon. and Fri. 10:30am-7pm     Tues. & Thurs. Till 8pm
Wed. till 5pm          Sat. 9:30 to 5pm E-MAIL    MOPED-@AOL.COM
Smaller Satalite Store:
Also Steve's Moped World 2427 Bridge Ave. Point Plesant NJ 08742 (732)295-4200
Call Ponint Pleasant for hours. (closed mondays and open sundays)
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