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Re: Synthetic Oils  Steves-@aol.com
 Apr 22, 2001 07:33 PDT 
Where to find Ams-oil
The AMS-oil 2 cycle synthetic 100:1 oil is available at some auto parts
stores. Call around and you should be able find a local retailer. We always
have it in stock along with the Ams-oil synthetic injector lube. One thing
you want to be really careful is to use the proper product for the proper
job. You should not use motor oil or synthetic motor oil to mix with
gasoline. Some of the older moped owners manuals say to mix regular motor oil
with the gas. This really carbons up the engine very fast and results in the
piston rings sticking and excessive engine wear. Always use 2 cycle formulas
in either premix formula for manual mixing applications and injector formulas
for bikes with automatic oil injection. There are many different additives in
4 cycle crankcase oil that are not necessary   Thousands of hours of
research, development and testing have gone in to this product and it really
works great. On some of the older mopeds you can add a little extra of the
synthetic lube to the gas without worrying about carbonization, plug fowling
and excessive smoke. We have tens of thousands of 2 cycle engines of just
about everything you can imagine running the Ams-oil with great results. If
you cannot find it locally we will be glad to ship you some. Just give us a
call mention you are a list member and we will give you half price shipping
on your trial of Ams-oil products.
Best regards:
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