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PUCH ENGINE & BITURBO FOR SALE and  Delor-@aol.com
 Apr 23, 2001 16:49 PDT 
    I have a Puch engine for sale that is in EXELLENT condition. It has
everything but the piston and rings.(includes cylinder &head) It was removed
from a PUCH with around 2,000 miles on it that ran. It is VERY clean and is
in exellent working condition and includes the coil. It was removed from a
1980 maxi 1-spd. please make me an offer, its just sitting here. email me
at delor-@aol.com since I'm not on the list. I also have a few other
parts available (headlight,speedometer,switchs, 3 used mufflers, side
rails,front wheel,handle bars, and a used BITURBO turbo exhaust) make me an
offer on something you need.
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