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RE: Steve's Moped World  Luis Anaya
 Apr 25, 2001 07:32 PDT 
Bob Toast wrote:
I agree Steve's Moped is really cool.
I have done business with Steve and all the results has been
satisfactory. I use my moped quite a bit during the summer for
commuting and so far, it is still running. I think that the parts and
mailorder department are excellent. In terms of business, I think that
they are really busy and they usually have two or three mopeds being
repaired at the time. I have sent mine twice for service. Although the
moped does work and run, there has been times that i have found some
minor oversights from their service department. However Steve and his
staff has been very accomodating and address them promptly. I think
that his weakest business area is pick up and delivery of mopeds. It is
not, again, entirely their fault, but the fact that they are a busy
shop.   I have a truck so this is not an issue.
Personally, I recommend them. I hope to buy a Kymco scooter from him
(... as long it is larger than 50 cc's ), now that I got my motorcycle
license :).
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