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RE: Steve's Moped World  Jimmy Jost
 Apr 25, 2001 20:58 PDT 
<DIV><FONT size=2>     Bob, Luis, Steve, or what ever your name is.  STEVE'S SUCKS!!  PERIOD!!  Every time I post about him I get bombarded with accusations that I am a competitor of his so I will just let other people do my talking for me.  You Don't have to look too far on the internet to find others who have had an anal reaming by this con-artist.  It would be nice if Steve and the gang posted with some help rather than offer parts for sale.  Nothing wakes a dormant Steve like the sound of a wallet opening.  I Have a shop That I normally go to and recommend but I wont even bother with endorsing them here anymore.  My suggestion is to Just buy from anyone but Steve's.  If Steve's is your only option you are better off just throwing the moped out and walking.</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2>I  Have attached a few links that you may find interesting and no they were not written by me.</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2>Jimmy</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2></FONT> </DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2><A href="http://moped2.org/aspforum/display_message.asp?mid=2124">http://moped2.org/aspforum/display_message.asp?mid=2124</A></FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2></FONT> </DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2><A href="http://moped2.org/aspforum/display_message.asp?mid=1632">http://moped2.org/aspforum/display_message.asp?mid=1632</A></FONT></DIV><FONT size=2>
<DIV>Listen to the radio</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Forum | Search | Add to Favorites<BR>Fresh Links | Latest News<BR>Author:<BR>Brian Coswell<BR>E-mail:<BR>not available<BR>Date:<BR>4/15/2001 9:32:36 PM<BR>Subject:<BR>Re: Avanti carb mystery<BR>Message:<BR>It could be.  Did You buy your moped from steves?  My best friend bought one by mail from them too.  He had it delivered half way across country because they said they assembled every one and test run them then recrated them to make sure no problems would exist.  I can tell you for a fact they are liars.  The moped arrived exactly as it would have arrived to them.  My friend is thinking about taking them to court.<BR>PedHead Brian</DIV>
<DIV></DIV>>From: Luis Anaya <PAPOA-@HOTMAIL.COM>
<DIV></DIV>>Subject: RE: Steve's Moped World
<DIV></DIV>>Date: Wed, 25-Apr-2001 14:32:38 GMT
<DIV></DIV>>Bob Toast wrote:
<DIV></DIV>> > Billy
<DIV></DIV>> > I agree Steve's Moped is really cool.
<DIV></DIV>>I have done business with Steve and all the results has been
<DIV></DIV>>satisfactory. I use my moped quite a bit during the summer for
<DIV></DIV>>commuting and so far, it is still running. I think that the parts and
<DIV></DIV>>mailorder department are excellent. In terms of business, I think that
<DIV></DIV>>they are really busy and they usually have two or three mopeds being
<DIV></DIV>>repaired at the time. I have sent mine twice for service. Although the
<DIV></DIV>>moped does work and run, there has been times that i have found some
<DIV></DIV>>minor oversights from their service department. However Steve and his
<DIV></DIV>>staff has been very accomodating and address them promptly. I think
<DIV></DIV>>that his weakest business area is pick up and delivery of mopeds. It is
<DIV></DIV>>not, again, entirely their fault, but the fact that they are a busy
<DIV></DIV>>shop. I have a truck so this is not an issue.
<DIV></DIV>>Personally, I recommend them. I hope to buy a Kymco scooter from him
<DIV></DIV>>(... as long it is larger than 50 cc's ), now that I got my motorcycle
<DIV></DIV>>license :).
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