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Re: Jimmy Jost PuchMike   Moped Warehouse NJ       Removal from the list need  Steves-@aol.com
 Apr 25, 2001 22:53 PDT 
You are caught big time this time, now you know.
We can see that puc-@hotmail.com (Jimmy Jost) Chris Huebner Moped
Warehouse, NJ is posting false information and slander again. The one thi ng
that's nice about E-mail its always traceable back to the original sender.
Anyone can set up a hot mail account for free. Your criminal activities, fak e
names and computer hacking will be dealt with. You should be removed from
this list. I cant believe that paid your bail and drove you home from jail
and you still committed multiple offenses after that. You have even been
arrested and convicted of many crimes including grand theft robbery of
Steve's Moped. Maybe this is why you target us. It not our fault. You are a
thief and got caught. Maybe you are mad because the town of Dumont
confiscated your Ford Ranger pick up truck and its now a police vehicle. I
can assure you that you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We have been in business for over 23 years and have an excellent reputation.
We stand behind all of our products. Anyone can call us and we are always
glad to work with them this is how we do business. We stand on honesty and
integrity. Your Moped Warehouse web based business running from you
apartment for the past 2 years has not made much of an impression on people
because of your actions. You should be banned from this list because you pos t
nothing but garbage on it. You should try and be helpful to people on this
list. Being fair I would ask that you post apologies and remove all of your
slander but I know you wont do that. Being locked up in prison, paying
thousands of dollars in fines, having you truck confiscated by law
enforcement doesn't change you.
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