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Re: honda  MacDo-@aol.com
 Apr 27, 2001 19:31 PDT 
Sean, the Honda Spree and Elite have an automatic choke and will be very
difficult to start when the choke is not working properly. When the choke is
working as it should, the starter button should be pressed without any
throttle applied or again it will be hard to start.
There is a plastic cover on top of the carb that will lift off and slide up
the throttle cable to get it out of the way. Then, there is a second plastic
cover, smaller, with wires going up into the bottom. This cover will also
lift off although this cover is often missing on older Honda's. Now you
should see a plastic part with wires going into the side at the very top.
This is the electronic choke. There are two small screws holding a metal
half ring that hold the choke into the carb. With the screws removed, the
choke will pull up and out with some force as an O ring makes this a tight
fit. A little WD40 will make it a little easier to remove and replace.
Now, what you should see is a short brass cylinder attached to the choke with
a brass needle coming out the bottom of the cylinder. The needle will feel
rather lose and move around a bit which is normal. If this cylinder and
needle valve have become detached from the main plastic part of the choke and
you find them dropped down into the carb, then the choke is permanently in a
non choked state and the Honda will de almost impossible to start. The brass
cylinder just snaps over three little tabs on the bottom of the choke. The
small spring attached to the needle valve on the inside of the cylinder and
the other end of the spring goes into the center of the three tabs.
The electrical function of the choke can be easily tested but I'll save that
for another time as the normal failure of that would have full choke all the
time which does not sound like your problem.
Now, if you find the choke in the proper mechanical condition as described,
then the likely problem is that the choke is not getting gas. The carb will
need to be cleaned and in particular the very, very small gas jet that feeds
the choke.
When you remove the bole from the carb, notice that there is a brass tube
extending down from the main carb body just under the position of the choke
and into a small chamber on the bole. One the side of the chamber on the
inside of the main bole, there is a small hole that allows gas into the
smaller chamber and into the choke. This small hole gets plugged easily and
is difficult to clean. Soaking the bole in carb cleaner for several days may
be necessary.
While your at it, clean the rest of the carb if you have not done so already.
This will fix your problem.
Good luck
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