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Re: honda  Donald Ruggles
 Apr 28, 2001 05:57 PDT 
Hi,Sean! I don't know Honda engines very well,but you
can see how most chokes work by taking off the air
cleaner and looking into the venturi(throat of
carburetor).Most engines need a little choke to start
up when cold,so this would be key to your problem.Now
if there's no choke lever it could be an automatic
choke.Here's where everybody needs a shop manual for
their particular bike.Just take off the air cleaner
and any dirt screen or filter that keeps you from
seeing down the carb throat and work the throttle a
little to make sure it's working o.k..Then you should
see the choke plate covering the air passage(venturi)
and it should be fairly closed.Get that manual,O.K.?
BYE! I hope this helps.
--- SeanM-@cs.com wrote:
 i got that honda running with a little starting
fluid once but now once i put
gas through it doesnt start. it is going into the
carb but it isnt starting.
it will sound like it will start but it just never
does there is no choke
lever so i dont know what i shold do i would like to
get it going soon
because it looks pretty nice. well if any one can
help i will be thankful
DONALD H. RUGGLES                                           205 N. HIGH St.                                             JACKSON,OH 45640
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