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Re: motobecane prob  Donald Ruggles
 Apr 29, 2001 04:49 PDT 
Hi,again! I wouldn't recommend you trying to replace
points by yourself if you're not used to doing it.The
MOTOBECANE I used to own had LEFT-HAND thread on the
right side cover,so you want to have a qualified
person with you along with a shop manual.I also make
it a practice to spray the magneto cover bolt, or any
bolt I have to remove,days ahead of time with LIQUID
WRENCH.This will aid you in not having to apply too
much force when removing things.When you put them back
together,use `NEVER SEIZE' coating on the shaft and
bolts(but not too much).Don't try this job without
that shop manual!BYE!
--- KgoTh-@aol.com wrote:
 how would i be able to change the points and
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