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Re: Synthetic Oils  Donald Ruggles
 Apr 29, 2001 13:09 PDT 
Hi,Tom! Yep!That stuff sounds like the ticket to
me.Want to sell a few cans? BYE!
--- THOMAS KELLEY <TOMKE-@webtv.net> wrote:
 Hi Don,I think dino oil is oil made from OLD DEAD
dinosaurs from
millions of years ago. I really am not sure what
dino means.The oil I
have is in cartons of 24 and is synthetic.One2 oz
container per gal of
gasoline.I have never used it.Next time I mix fuel I
will try some.It
does not say what fuel/oil ratio it makes.I think
most mopeds were 40 or
50 /1 .One container fits all I guess.Was made by
oil.------ Environmental Lubricants Inc.;New
May your day be blessed.
DONALD H. RUGGLES                                           205 N. HIGH St.                                             JACKSON,OH 45640
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