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Solved problem  SeanM-@cs.com
 May 03, 2001 17:56 PDT 
well i solved my problem(for the trac) it was the air filter for some reason
i stupidly got tape blocking the air supply. i was told by a motorcycle shop
to look in the air filter and take it off and go around the block and see if
all power and speed returns "i wouldn't hurt it."i took it off and rode it.
it was so fast i couldn't believe it! probably 35-45mph. but recently before
i leaned out the carb because i thought i was running too much gas. so while
i rode it and then it made like a pop noise and the pop noise continues when
it runs i didnt look at the spark plug yet. anyone think i got not enough gas
and too much spark so it might of blown it out? ill look at it tommrow and
see if there is damage to it. and when i get that fixed is there a way i can
make a air filter so it can run like it did? i hope so it was awesome. well
if anyone can help me out i will be thankful THANKS EVERYONE!!
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