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Re: Honda Elites  THOMAS KELLEY
 May 05, 2001 03:35 PDT 
If this inquiry is about the 49.xx C C Elite,I would like to know
too.When I bought .020 oversize piston rings for my Honda Elite 50,Honda
does not have them listed in the parts listing,because .020 oversize
causes the C C to become 50 +,but less than a full 51 CC.This
now,legally anyway,is no lonnger in the moped classification of motor
vehicles.Anything over 50 CC is a motor cycle .I don't want anything to
increase cylinder bore size. Speedometer,if accurate HA, will reach 35 M
P H on the level and I weigh 220 LBS.Maybe that is fast enough , as top
legal speed in my State,and many others, for a moped is 25 MPH.15 miles
away in Maryland,a less than 50 CC moped is classed as no more than a
kids bicycle.and each State is different.All I have left is the 1988
Honda Elite moped and a 1980 Honda C 70 (Passport),not CT 70, and at 70
CC is a M/C, as is the 750 CC KAWA Vulcan . M/C laws apply to the 70 and
the 750.!!!!!!!!   TOM K
May your day be blessed.
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From: sid hall <alohaaut-@hawaii.rr.com>
Subject: Honda Elites
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 21:11:46 -1000
Who is the best source and price for Honda Moped Hi-Po parts. Thanks for any help

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