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Re: Many Subjects  Pshycho Nitro
 May 07, 2001 12:02 PDT 
 anyone think it would be possible to swap the engines in these and have
working good, please give me any opinions and alloffers for the trade.
----No luck man. I tried putting a Suzuki 125cc 2-stroke on the frame and
even those who would custom do it said it wouldn't fit. I'm sure someone
out there for the right price would make it fit. HOWEVER, even if you could
get it to fit, your suspension would be way off, possible ground clearance
problems, your brakes (let's not go there...)
I was once where you were at. Bottom line, either get a 60/70 cc kit or get
another bike altogether. I've got the 70 on my Tomos and it runs great.
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