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Re: New moped owner  Pshycho Nitro
 May 07, 2001 12:06 PDT 
I was curious if any of
 you had any words of advice for someone buying a new moped.
---baby the sh*t out of it during the first 3-500 miles and you'll be
rewarded. If in doubt on whether you didn't put enough oil in, add some.
The cost of cleaning out your exhaust port and de-carbing your exhaust is
far less than replacing a piston (or more).
 I'm also looking for information on maintenance information. Is it
possible to purchase manuals for the care of moped. If at all possible
I'd prefer a free (webpage,pdf,ps,etc) manual.
Are there any tips to get the most life out of my of used bike? Any parts
that break/wear-out easily that I should buy replacement parts for?
------Eh, check your spark plug occasionally and make sure your brakes are
always working well. Tires won't be a concern for a while.
 Also anyone with Puch Magnum experience I'd especially like to hear your
stories involving the quality of this bike.
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