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Re: Large wheeled mopeds  Donald Ruggles
 May 08, 2001 05:06 PDT 
Hi,Jonathan! Personally,I'll take a 4- stroke over
most 2- strokes because of dependability and less
r.p.m. needed.But wwith a 4-stroke you want at least a
2-speed automatic or variable ratio drive.There's no
mixing of oil to gas worry or expense with 4-strokes
either.Just don't buy an old 4-stroke unless you
really know where to get parts and how to work on
motors.I can't help you on the engine
interchangeability question,but there's some guys on
here that really could if they will.BYE!
--- Jonathan O'Farrell <thedi-@ntlworld.com>
 Which are the best quality / performance 16" wheel,
automatic, 2 or
4 -stroke mopeds?
Has anyone any experience to help me compare
Benelli, Cagiva, Peugeot,
Piaggio, Atala, Honda (any more?) models? Do some of
these use identical
engines? Thank you.
Jonathan O'Farrell
DONALD H. RUGGLES                                           205 N. HIGH St.                                             JACKSON,OH 45640
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