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Re: New moped owner  puche-@moped2.org
 May 08, 2001 12:53 PDT 
Hello Matt, As Donald states, Puch is my favorite as well, having been around them a long time. I wouldn't have any other. Seeing that you have a Magnum, you wont have to worry about the seat problem, Magnum's are usually pretty comfortable (having the long seat). Stop by www.puch.net if you need any info, they have all kinds online if needed. Regards! Bill --- Donald Ruggles <don4-@yahoo.com>
 wrote: Hi,Matthew! Well,you asked so here goes.I really like what I've heard about the PUCH bikes,BUT I WILL NOT BUY A BIKE WITH A LESS THAN ADEQUATE SEAT.(I take long jaunts on my MOTOMARINA SEBRING and others).If this bike has that small bicycle looking seat,and you want to be able to travel on a nice long trip,you'd better think twice about the seat.EVERY bike I own has a big comfortable seat..I own seven mopeds.Now maybe there's a way to install a better seat on the PUCHs' with little expense.But make sure to buy what you want without depending on unsure modifications.BYE! --- Matthew Cordes <cor-@cs.usm.maine.edu> wrote:
 Hello all, I'm 1 week from purchasing a Puch Magnum II and I was curious if any of you had any words of advice for someone buying a new moped. I'm also looking for information on maintenance information. Is it possible to purchase manuals for the care of moped. If at all possible I'd prefer a free (webpage,pdf,ps,etc) manual. Are there any tips to get the most life out of my of used bike? Any parts that break/wear-out easily that I should buy replacement parts for? Also anyone with Puch Magnum experience I'd especially like to hear your stories involving the quality of this bike. -matt
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