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MZ Moskita scooter  Trans-@aol.com
 May 10, 2001 19:07 PDT 
After some research I decided to buy a 49cc scooter rather than a moped. The
MZ Moskito was available locally and I took the plunge. It cost 1499.00 plus
florida tax and it seems worth every penny. The scooter is not yet broken in,
(only 90 miles) and it zips me along at 40 mph with no problem on a level
street. And, that is no easy thing to do, I weigh 275 lbs, so I am impressed
with this scooter. Here in florida it is licensed as a moped because it has
an engine less than 50 cc and it is sold as generating 1.9 HP. Well, that is
a fib, it generates 3.1KW at 7000 rpm, which translates to 4.1 HP. I am not
complaining!!! I wanted to put my experience with this scooter on the web
because there is so little data available for this bike. By the way it is
actually manufactured by CPI motorcycle in Taiwan and if you check out their
website, you'll see they make quite a number of motorcycles, scooters,
mopeds, and atv vehicles. Hope this helps anyone looking to buy a modern
scooter. Any questions I can be contacted at Trans-@aol.com
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