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Puch Magnum II  Matthew Cordes
 May 14, 2001 10:10 PDT 
Hello all.
I bought my magnum II, it has 2500 miles and a few scratches, but is
quite nice. A few questions:
Is it possible to purchase an electric start (key/button)? The peddle
start works fine, usually first try, but I'm worried that if I need to
do it while on the road (say at a red light) cars behind me may be less
than patient.
It doesn't idle very well, If I'm not accelerating the engine
usually shuts off, but my friend said this was probably gunk in the carb
and/or a sticky/faulty throttle. Anyone else have any other ideas?
We did note that when it does shut off, pushing the choke back in
causes it to start up again w/ just throttle. Is this a common
We plan to rip everything apart this week and clean, grease, oil, all
appropriate parts. Any words of advice?
Also are there any other moped riders/clubs in Maine (Portland)? It would
be nice to ride with someone else.
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