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Re: Puch Magnum II  puche-@moped2.org
 May 15, 2001 12:29 PDT 
Hello Matt, Unfortunately, there isn't any feasable way to add an electric starter to the Puch's, since there are no openings to where a starter cog can enter into the crankcase. You can eliminate the want/need for this starter, if we can get your idle straightened out. Again, as mentioned before by others on this subject, there can be one of several reasons that your idle isn't working so well. First of all, have you tried to adjust the idle screw itself? There is a flathead screw on the outside of the carb, that can adjust your idle up and down. (sticky throttles cant cause your problem by the way, it can cause excessive rev'ving problem though, idling too high). If you have already tried this, then other options will need to be tested. Check around the cylinder head while the moped is running, and see if you can feel any compression leaks, checking all the way around the cylinder head, being cautious NOT to touch the exhaust manifold or cylinder/head, to avoid a nasty burn). If you find leaks or air escaping, check your head nuts to insure they are tight. (don't overtighten, they WILL strip out if not careful). If tightening doesn't resolve a compression leak, you may need a new head gasket. Also, check your carb. Make sure the carb is seated all the way to the back of the intake manifold, meaning, when you loosen the carb screw at the manifold, make sure the carb is pushed onto the manifold all the way. Sometimes when folks work on the carb, they do not seat the carb all the way onto the intake, allowing air to enter from behind the carb, in the slot behind the screw. Clean the carb. When you check the seating of the carb, and if you haven't done so already, remove the carb and inspect the bowl. It should only be hand tight, and remove fairly easily. See if there is old gas/oil gummed up in the bowl. If so, take the carb apart completely, and clean it using carb cleaner or gunk. Insure that the brass jet is also not clogged. Timing and points can also be an added problem, that can be looked into later, if needed. Try these steps first and see what happens. I also have some troubleshooting tips online, if you would like to go through them, and try other possibilities. Go to the "Troubleshooting Tips" at http://www.puch.net/ . If you have any other questions, feel free to email from the site, as I don't get to this board as often as I would like. Regards, Bob http://www.puch.net/ http://www.mopedsonline.com/ --- Matthew Cordes <cor-@cs.usm.maine.edu>
 wrote: Hello all. I bought my magnum II, it has 2500 miles and a few scratches, but is quite nice. A few questions: Is it possible to purchase an electric start (key/button)? The peddle start works fine, usually first try, but I'm worried that if I need to do it while on the road (say at a red light) cars behind me may be less than patient. It doesn't idle very well, If I'm not accelerating the engine usually shuts off, but my friend said this was probably gunk in the carb and/or a sticky/faulty throttle. Anyone else have any other ideas? We did note that when it does shut off, pushing the choke back in causes it to start up again w/ just throttle. Is this a common problem? We plan to rip everything apart this week and clean, grease, oil, all appropriate parts. Any words of advice? Also are there any other moped riders/clubs in Maine (Portland)? It would be nice to ride with someone else. -matt
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