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Re: Moped ?: Tomos Targa Parts  Peter Staal
 May 19, 2001 16:19 PDT 
 A Tomos dealer that I have been going through (also where I bought my
 Targa), is Heeters Performance Center, located in North Manchester,
 Their address there is 1413 East Street, phone (219)-982-6817. You can
 check out their web site at www.heeters.com. They have been a great help
for the moby freaks i found this there :
Motobecane moped center stand (color-silver) (#MBC-HPC)-----$9.95
Motobecane moped NEW frame with integral gas tank,
yellow (like the one pictured on our Photo Album page.
Includes front fork assembly and rear swing arms.-----$79.95 pair
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