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Re: C 70 part needed  THOMAS KELLEY
 May 26, 2001 16:54 PDT 
When I requested this part at the Honda dealer,I was informed, N/A.I had
to order points and condenser separately.These two parts cost nearly as
much as the complete plate assembly with the points and condenser
attached.         TOM K
May your day be blessed.
From: HUNL-@aol.com
Subject: C 70 part needed
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 12:19:43 EDT
Received this today, Can anyone help this girl out?
do you know where I can find a part for a Honda Passport C70 1981. Part no:
30200174671. It si a plate, points and condenser all together.
Could you help.
Looking forward to hear fromyou
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