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Re: Moped2.org domain has been hijacked!  Donald Ruggles
 Jun 04, 2001 04:35 PDT 
Hi! Andy,we've got to have you running this site!Get
it back,soon.Thanks for your great efforts in the
past! BYE!
--- Andy Zaitsev <daug-@mail.com> wrote:
 Hi, everybody!
This is Andrei Zaitsev, the webmaster of Moped2.org
Today I was surprised to find out that Moped2.org
domain doesn't belong to me anymore.
I am trying to figure out whether it was a true
blue hijacking or I was careless enough to let it
If you have any ideas/thoughts on the subject,
please email me at daug-@mail.com
   (All the @moped2.org addresses seem to be in limbo
until we figure this out).
Wish me luck and keep moopedaling!
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DONALD H. RUGGLES                                           205 N. HIGH St.                                             JACKSON,OH 45640
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