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Moped2.org and your Moped Mail accounts  Andy Zaitsev
 Jun 06, 2001 12:29 PDT 
Hi, everybody!
The situation cleared - turns out that I've had old email address on file with register.com. So, they kept
sending me domain renewal letters and I never saw them.
Thus, Moped2.org expired and domain was taken over by somebody.
Right now I am trying to reach him to see if I can buy it back or trade it back.
In the meantime, I've discovered that things are not as grim as they look!
Namely, you can get back into you Moped Mail accounts!
To do this, goto http://moped.mail.everyone.net
It seems like they still receive emails, but I am not sure how long this will last.
Unless I get the Moped2.org back, the email addresses are likely to change. When this happens, I will tell you what your new address is - you won't need to re-create the account.
Also, if you know someone who uses the Moped Mail, but is not subscribed to this mailing list, please forward this message to them!
Moped List admin
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