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Thanks  David Rumsey
 Jun 12, 2001 14:41 PDT 
Thanks to everyone who answered my questions and helped me get my moped
running. I was able to ride for the first time and I now know why they
are so much fun. I got it in pretty bad condition from a friend of mine
and I wouldn't have been able to get it running again without this
listserv as I don't have any manuals or previouse experience with
I could still use help on the following minor things, so as always any
help would be greatly appreciated and again thanks:
The speedometer is not working. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
(1995 Tomos Targa)
How do I tighten up the brakes (now that it is running this is
especially important)? Are you suppose to grease the brake cables every
so often?
Also, are you suppose to leave it in choke for a while to let it get
warmed up? And after I turn it if, should I put it back in choke?
How do I know if I have the throttle setup correctly?
Again thanks for the help.
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