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Re: Thanks  MacDo-@aol.com
 Jun 13, 2001 13:10 PDT 
Bigdave, you wrote:
 How do I tighten up the brakes (now that it is running this is
especially important)?
The brakes are adjusted by tightening the cables. This should be straight
forward procedure, just remember that the lever on the wheel hub must be
under tension with the brakes nearly engaged without movement of the brake
handles. There is considerable movement within the wheel hub before the
brakes engage.
 Are you supposed to grease the brake cables every so often?
While this would be a great idea, it is often difficult or impossible to
remove the cable, grease and reinsert. Some oil into one of the ends would
be great.
 Also, are you supposed to leave it in choke for a while to let it get warmed
All engines can use a little warm-up. My Tomos gets a minute warm-up and I'm
off. If it does stall within the first two blocks, it starts right up easily
(but then I have peddles)
 And after I turn it if, should I put it back in choke?
Once the engine is warm-up, you should not have to choke it to get it started.
 How do I know if I have the throttle setup correctly?
The cable should allow the throttle to return to idle, and enough movement to
reach full throttle. Not much more than that is required.
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